joycebre (joycebre) wrote in advanced_sewing,

remaking clothes

I've recently lost a lot of weight. I've been shopping, but I'm really not impressed with current styles and fabrics (turn inside out, machine wash cold WTF? who has time for that?) Besides recyling old clothes is green.
I'm considering altering my old clothes, but I've always avoided alterations, so I have a couple of questions
1. would you do this, or just keep looking for new clothes?
2. would you alter t-shirts that were too big?
3. do you have any tips for altering?
my wardrobe is really casual - mostly jeans, skirts and tees. The most I'd do to the jeans is take in the waist so they don't fall off. I'd like to take the back elastic out of the skirts and change to a regular waistband.
I'd be willing to remake the tees - I saw a pattern for doing it, but I'm pretty sure I could draft my own.

thanks everyone - I've gotten some great ideas out of this. I think I'll try making a jeans skirt now too. Off to check out the t-shirt surgery community.
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