malwae (malwae) wrote in advanced_sewing,

Tuxedo fabrics

I'm looking for some black faille to use as the lapels on a tuxedo, and for some reason I thought that pretty much had to be silk, but it looks like B Black & Sons sells a %100 polyester for this purpose. Has anybody used this? I just can't wrap my head around using anything polyester for anything as fussy and tailored as a tux. Also, they sell something they call Satin Tuxedo Braid, but it looks like it's just a roll of basic black satin ribbon, also polyester, like what you'd get for a craft project.

Does anybody have any thoughts about whether or not this will work, or if it will misbehave in the typical manner of polyester when it's asked to conform nicely to wool? And does anybody know of a source for heavy silk faille/grosgrain fabric?

Also, once upon a time, there was a fabulous post by harmanhay, which might have been in this community, but I'm not sure. She made a custom tuxedo for a friend and I was hoping to find that post again to review a bit before I start in on my husband's tux, and for the life of me I can't find it. Anybody remember that or know where it is?

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