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Advanced Sewing

All metal parts!

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This is a community for advanced sewing topics. If you've been in other sewing communities and seen too many reconstructed t-shirts and questions about how to make a basic a-line skirt from people who have never heard of a pattern book, this is probably the right place for you.

If you debate details like whether your seams should be opened out, torture yourself trying to make a perfect welt, and become angered when plaids and stripes don't match at the seams, you're definitely in the right place.

You know what a hidden zipper is, and you're not afraid to use it! (OK, maybe just a little afraid...)

Your most likely cause of death is to be found buried under your fabric stash.

Note: This is an advertising-free community! We're here because we make things, not because we want to buy them. If you have fabric and patterns and things to swap, that's fine. Let's just not let that get out of control, or it will be out, too. You might check out craftsupplyswap and swappies. If you want to advertise things for sale, check out ebay_crafty and ebayauctions.

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